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Our "ULTIMATE Luxury Vendor's List" carries 30+ vendors such as a QUALITY virgin hair vendor, press on nails, bling hot tools, designer croc charms, designer bangle charms, lingerie, body piercing jewlery, custom packaging, mink eyelashes, lipgloss & cosmestics AND MORE!!!

By purchasing this vendor's list you have access to all 30+ VENDORS, all of their products and can communicate with the vendor at your leisure! 

(this guide also gives detailed explanations on how to use "Whatsapp" as well as how to print/design custom business cards!)

There is enough money for EVERYONE to make some! Invest in yourself today and start that business!!! Become your OWN BOSS. 

(after purchasing you will receive a download link) 


*please note that buying vendors does not mean that your are purchasing their products. purchasing a vendor gives you access to their contact information and product catalog only. enjoy!!*